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We have now extended our services include custom slotting and DPicture3 coating   in our engineering warehouse in Melbourne, Australia for all size rotors and flywheels.
Please note certain designs are patent and are exclusive to Delios Brakes.
Please see our catalogue for our most popular designs, more designs are available please feel free contact us direct for a complete catalogue.

 Why use Delios Pty Ltd for custom slotting and coating?

  • We slot to improve performance and efficiency while taking great care not to add material stress (mass produced slotting is just that, massed produced. This often leads to increased internal material stresses ,which can lead to warping, cracking and harmonics)
  • Every slot has been specifically designed to each particular rotor. We have over 5000 part programs. 
  • All rotors receive secondary inspection of thickness, porosity, corrosion and slag in vents.  
  • DPicture3 Coating is environmentally friendly and is not limited by temperature range; it will not peel, even in extreme temperatures. We ensure that all our coating process is done individually for premium results.
  • Increase your range of slotted rotors without the large MOQ, while decreasing your stock in hold.  
  • Quick turnaround.  Most slotting can be done on the day. Discounts for larger bulk slotting apply (Turn around may vary depending on volume). 
  • We can turn a slotting idea into your slotting reality. We do custom slotting. This can be custom to your range and exclusive (we respect proprietary information and protect it as if it was our own). We maintain all slots within ADR limits and will not cross drill or allow any other risky slotting to be performed(we feel that while maintain the integrity of our work, we are protecting our customers interests)

All information is Private and Confidential under copy right and trademark Delios Pty Ltd©™ and is not permitted to be copied or transmitted through any correspondence unless written and exclusive permission is obtained.