Dynamix takes sports disc rotors to a whole new level. Offering outstanding bite, thermal stability, wear and harmonic resistance. Out-gas vented in a unique and meticulously engineered pattern which provides the ultimate in rotor cooling technology designed to allow maximum ‘hot pocket’ relief of outgassing ( a leading cause of heat in a disc rotor) while eliminating the droning noise often found in less researched patterns. Dynamix rotors are then coated in the environmentally friendly Pro-Tekt process which gives it excellent corrosion resistance without the negative heat retaining properties often found in paints and other coatings. This will not chip, flake or burn off and is safe for even ceramic pad applications.

What you will notice:

  • More Bite
  • Better Release Control
  • More Stopping Power
  • Increased Pedal Response
  • Increased Corner Speed
  • Longer life
  • Noise level reduced for quiet braking
  • Easy pad bed in through the use of double face grinding or burnished finish
  • Extended service life of the wheel suspension and wheel bearings