Command 4WD Series

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Command 4WD

Command XP7 4WD Brake Disc

  4WD applications require unique solutions due to their low speed, high friction heat building properties, often due to oversized wheels and extreme downhill braking angles. Delios XP7 Command 4WD series rotors are engineered to facilitate heavy 4WD applications through the use of thermally stable, wear resistant, and stress relieved make-up of the disc and are uniquely out-gas vented to give the best clearance of water, debris and hot gasses often associated with 4WD activities. Command series is available with the durable, environmentally friendly Pro-Tekt coating or Geomet Coating.

What you will notice:

  • Extra Bite
  • More Release Control
  • Additional Stopping Power
  • Increased Pedal Response
  • Increased Corner Speed
  • More  Endurance
  • Noise level reduced for quiet braking
  • Easy pad bed in through the use of double face grinding or burnished finish
  • Extended service life of the wheel suspension and wheel bearings