Delios Products – About Us


Each disc is 100% measured and inspected to meet our strict tolerances and specifications.

What you will notice:

  • More Bite
  • Better Release Control
  • More Stopping Power
  • Increased Pedal Response
  • Increased Corner Speed
  • Longer life
  • Noise level reduced for quiet braking
  • Easy pad bed in through the use of double face grinding or burnished finish
  • Extended service life of the wheel suspension and wheel bearings


Scientifically Engineered in Australia

Every stage is researched, developed & engineered to meet our strict guidelines & criteria.

  • Carbon Advantage ™ - The highest quality raw materials are used to make our propriety casting formula. A high carbon formulated cast iron used  for all our premium brake disc. The    'Carbon Advantage' formula was designed with special wear resistance and noise deadening properties ensuring a high level of thermal stability. This material is poured into specially designed moulds and post treated to give stress reduction and an even grain matrix. Tested on the track to exceed temperatures of 800 degrees.


  • DPicture2 Mould Technology- ‘Rho-bust’ venting specifically designed for different models & brake applications enhancing strength & stability, as well as improving cooling efficiency. Unique designs such as Rhombus pillar design geometry and multi fork splayed design ensure strong stability in high temperature situations.


  • Advanced Machining process and technology - The highest quality castings are used in the machining process where a combination of the latest CNC applications are used  to cut all the specific geometry to tolerances of less than 13 microns, and surface finishes as little as 1 micron. The greatest care is taken to ensure minimum stress on the casting. All our rotors are dynamically balanced.  This is all performed in a Lean, Best Practices environment. Allowing us to focus on research, development and process techniques.


  • Design & Slotting Process -  All patterns are specifically designed & custom slotted to each disc rotors’ exact measurements  (including thickness) & specifications. Designed and Engineered then rigorously tested on the track and in harsh conditions and to ensure that each design further enhances stability, performance & heat dissipation. With over 30 different designs for all different makes, models & brake applications- you will see and feel the difference.


  •  - A proprietary coating formulation based on a time tested military corrosion preventative process. It is a superior highly corrossive resistant coating that is environmentally friendly and its’ durability is not limited by heat. Pro-tekt™ coating is also ceramic pad approved and will not contaminate your brake pads. Many other paints or coatings will flake or burn at high temperatures- Pro-tekt ™ is specially formulated to allow heat to dissipate from the rotor and will never flake or burn, which translates to more corrosion endurance for your brakes.