Focused on premium quality & performance through research and innovative design, we are proud to introduce our new G35 Series Carbon Advantage™. “So brake with confidence”

Introduction about Delios

At Delios quality is our philosophy. Our products are a reflection of who we are. This is why we have taken great care and research to release a rotor that exceeds our customer’s expectations, so that our customers can also have the same confidence and passion as we do about our products. We intend to raise the bar for aftermarket disc rotors. Each rotor is made to exacting standards and examined to ensure our customers only receive the highest quality

Our Products



UPG- Ultimate Performance Grooved ™

Delios XP7

Flywheel, Nodular iron, stress relieved and balanced. Brake Disc Command XP7 4WD

Symmetrex Mould Technology

Rotor integrity enhanced through Rho-Bust symmetrical mould technology.